If you love living in a clean and safe environment now is the time to act to reduce litter.

We believe if everybody picks up their own rubbish, there’s no clean up. Make a difference – you know you can! #BinIt

The Bin It – You know it’s right! campaign aims to create awareness of the most serious  littering and illegal dumping issues around the region to  encourage locals and visitors to take  responsibility for their litter and waste, resulting in changed behaviours and litter reduction. The campaign is an educational initiative of the Taking the Lead on Litter! Project.

Project members listed below represent a diverse range of natural resource managers, community ambassadors, regulation and enforcement officers and researchers who together are taking action to help reduce litter across the Bundaberg and Fraser Coast communities.

Coordinated by the Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management, the Taking the Lead on Litter! Project is supported by the Queensland Government’s Litter and Illegal Dumping Community and Industry Partnerships Program, Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Regional councils.

Project Coordinator

The Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management (BMRG) is the peak coordinating body

for natural resource management in the Burnett Mary region. Their charter is to deliver practical solutions that protect and enhance our region’s natural assets. BMRG seeks to build and maintain strong, strategic partnerships with government, industry and local communities and develop targeted programs that meet specific natural resource management priorities.

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Litter Ambassadors

Our Litter Ambassadors are playing a strong advocacy role across the region during this campaign. Their

commitment and voice is essential in developing community awareness of the impact of littering and illegal dumping in their ‘own backyard’. Meet our Litter Ambassadors.

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The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP), together with Bundaberg and Fraser Coast

Regional Councils are committed to supporting a campaign that benefits everyone in the community. EHP and Regional Councils have a shared responsibility for litter and illegal dumping enforcement. Council’s carry out a range of essential activities and manage physical and environmental assets that are adversely impacted by littering and illegal dumping. The Litter and illegal dumping community and industry partnerships program is administered by EHP. It helps the community and industry tackle litter and illegal dumping issues through activities that aim to change people’s behaviour. Each year the program supports a small number of innovative projects like the Bin It Campaign to bring together the expertise and energy of key interested parties. The EHP Litter and Illegal Dumping Action Plan is a key document for Queensland.

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Central Queensland University has undertaken an attitudinal survey to inform this campaign whilst

Macquarie University has completed the first (Baseline Litter Survey 2016) of two litter audits across the region. This baseline data has been critical in understanding the local issues and attitudes about litter.

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